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Moses Bassinet Stand for Small Areas

Apartment living can be rather cramped. Adding children to the mix can make those spaces seem even smaller. Karissa from Petite Modern Life shares with us a Moses Basket and stand that will work perfectly in a small space.

She ordered the Moses Basket online and her husband built a stand using directions from Ana White. The best part about this small bassinet stand is the fact that it is able to rock. The detailed instructions explain how to make each cut and put it all together.

Your little one will be comfortable and cozy in a soft basket while you rock her/him to sleep. Bassinets are good to use up until the baby is about 4 months old. This solution removes the need for a large rocking chair in a space that will not accommodate more than a few pieces of furniture. It is an ideal alternative to a large crib especially when living in a small space.

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