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Pottery Barn Inspired Typeface Canister

While perusing Pottery Barn the DIY Maven at Curbly stumbled upon some ceramic typeface canisters on clearance that she loved. After some thought and consideration however, she came to the realization that one wrong nudge and these ceramic canisters would shatter all over he bathroom tile. Deciding it was wiser to remove the canister from her cart she remembered that months earlier she’d purchased a round wooden container from her craft store that she could use to create a knock-off.

The DIY Maven was able to use craft supplies that she already had on hand like white acrylic craft paint and mod-podge to create her own Pottery Barn inspired typeface canister that was tile-friendly. A tip she gives for decoupaging paper letters, seal the letters with a layer of mod-podge and let them dry completely before gluing them onto your project. Doing so will “prevent black paper ‘dust’ from getting all over your nice light background”.

The original Pottery Barn canisters that inspired her design:


Here’s the DIY Maven’s Pottery Barn inspired typeface canister.


You can read the original Curbly post to get the full list of craft supplies.

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