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It’s A Festive and Fun Lightbulb Craft

Giving unique gifts to friends and family is always a lot of fun. Knowing that your crafted something for them makes the gift more special and likely become cherished for years. It is the mark of your creativity that they will appreciate. Rebekah from Anastasia Vintage shares her fun and truly unique way of crafting lightbulbs to represent hot air balloons.

The entire process is documented well with pictures and good instructions. Rebekah shares good tips throughout to help you make your lightbulb turn out nicely. One tip she mentioned was to use a clamp to hold the lightbulb while you are painting it.

These light bulbs will make great gifts for holidays and birthdays. Imagine green and red for Christmas, or blue and white for Hannukah. Lots of ideas will come to mind once decide who you will make it for. A great craft idea and fun for all.

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