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Fits Any Decor Wood Bed

Repurposing everything and anything is just part of the culture. When it comes to using reclaimed wood a thousand projects come to mind. The creative folks over at Mr. Kate came up with a novel idea to make a bed using reclaimed wood.


With good sketches for construction and some power tools you too can make this bed. They do make a note that if you have a different sized bed, then the queen they made, you will have to re-calculate your measurements. This project will require a knowledge of woodworking and power tools. If you have neither, do not fret, ask for help from someone that has woodworking experience.

If you need to purchase wood for this project that is okay too. The design is well constructed and you will have a wonderful sturdy bed for your room. This style bed would work in many settings including modern farmhouse, rustic, modern, and industrial.



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