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Back in Style: What You Need to Know About Glass Block Windows

glass block windows

Glass window replacement costs on average $275-$650 per window in the United States. Depending on the quality and longevity of the glass window frame, your glass windows may serve you for long without incurring costs on glass repairs.

But before deciding on what works best, you need to consider various types and designs of glass windows and their advantages.

The love affair with glass block frames among homeowners is historical. Over time, this trend has been considered outdated as real estate trends evolved. But due to popular demand and their sheer quality, glass block windows are back like they never left.

Are you considering installing glass block windows? Read on to learn all about their pros and cons before deciding on what works for you.

Why Glass Block Frames?

Conventional clear glasses have been the in-thing when completing exterior décor for bathroom and house windows in recent years.

But glass block frames are semi-opaque alternatives that are used for windows and as non-load-bearing interior wall installations. From an interior design point of view, glass blocks may be considered dated.

Modern ideas and interior concepts dominate the patterns in the current house construction sector.

These shifts are responsible for the hot and cold trends in the popularity of glass block frames. If you are planning to refurbish your home in the current real estate revolution, then glass block windows are currently the in-thing.

Trends in the real estate market suggest that homeowners are willing to revive the memories of the 1940s as they set their eyes on the use of glass block frames all over again. But do these glass block windows present many advantages to your home?

1. Energy-Efficient Illumination

Lighting is an essential part of any home set up. You may end up spending extra when bulbs stay on all day to provide extra light. Most conventional glass windows are unable to guarantee adequate lighting. You may need to incur additional lighting costs especially if you use your interior space a lot during the day.

But glass block windows have two essential properties that make them a must-have in all homes.

First, they offer thermal insulation that block any possible air infiltration, which helps you save about 25% of the heat that is lost through windows. Traditional vinyl or aluminum window frames are unable to ensure energy-efficiency to such extents.

The second feature relates to day-light illumination.  Glass block windows are opaque by design. You can, therefore, use this feature to your advantage if you have a vast expanse or exterior wall space to illuminate light into your indoor space.

2. Security and Strength

Windows can be a cause of concern for many homeowners due to issues related to security and safety.

Other than the constant threat by burglars, you also have to relentlessly worry about other naturally occurring climatic hazards, such as strong winds. Most glass windows can’t guarantee you the security and safety you desire.

But a glass block frame has an added advantage, which is the use of silicone in the assembly of the glass panes.

The silicone joints used to set up such glass block windows provide an extra layer of security and strength you need to weather extreme conditions.

For most home and business owners, anything that adds an extra layer of protection is always more than welcome.

3. Privacy

If you own a bathtub, then you’ll agree that there’s always that concern that someone may snoop on you. While lounging on your bathtub, such concerns ought to be the last thing on your mind. But with traditional clear glass windows, you must keep looking over your head.

If privacy is still a constant concern for you, then it’s time to consider the use of glass block windows.

While you get to enjoy the illumination of light into the bathroom with glass block windows, no one can see you from the outside. This unique aspect may also be used to partition the toilet from the bathroom.

4. No Pressure When it Comes to Maintenance

Homeowners eventually spend more on home repairs and maintenance than the initial cost of building or buying a home.

Conventional glass windows will eventually dent your pockets as you incur maintenance and repairs costs. But with glass block windows, you’ll be able to maintain that clean shine for a long time.

You’ll also incur nearly zero maintenance costs when using glass block windows. With a simple pressure wash up, it’s possible to keep your glass block windows in tip-top condition.

This is especially important in the bathroom, where constant contact with soapy water may affect the cleanliness.

Further, considering that there are no edges that collect dirt or debris, you won’t have to worry about dirt build-up. If you like your windows clean and shiny, then glass block windows are your solution.

Cons of Installing Glass Block Windows

While you may have many advantages associated with the use of glass block windows, there are disadvantages you can’t overlook.

1. Lack of Natural Ventilation

Have you heard of the sick building syndrome? When your home is set out in a way that does not allow any free flow of air in and out of the rooms, you stand the risk of developing the sick building syndrome. The syndrome involves respiratory complications such as breathing challenges.

For most people, this is the most common disadvantage when using the glass block windows. Glass block windows don’t open up naturally to allow air inside, which means that you need to depend on air conditioning to circulate indoor air.

2. Structural Issues

Most homeowners point to the fact that glass block windows are heavier than standard glass options.

This means that you must ensure you have a sturdy base before installing the windows. For most people, this can be a significant trade-off considering that it limits where you can install the window due to the need for stability.

Old Is Gold and Glass Block Windows Are the New Modern

Most homeowners don’t realize how useful windows can be when accessorizing your home. With glass block windows, you can derive valuable benefits for your home interior and exterior. Don’t be left behind as the rest of the homeowners embrace this new normal.

Dated is the in-thing, and the pros of glass block windows outdo the cons you are likely to endure.

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