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Floating Shelves And Decor Ideas

Do you love the look of floating shelves but have been hesitant to build your own? In this tutorial by Samantha from Simply So Organized, you’ll see that the step-by-step instructions are well written to ensure a successful completion of this project.

Floating shelves

She finished her project in only 2 days but pointed out that it could easily have been completed in only one day if there were no interruptions. Samantha provides a complete list of recommended supplies for constructing the shelves with information about where to purchase some of the tools needed. The supply list provides enough materials to build 8 shelves. These shelves are easily adapted to fit in any room and any decor. Samantha stained her shelving, but another option would be to paint them in either the same color as your wall or in a contrasting color so they will stand out.

Floating shelves

There are numerous photos of the decor Samantha chose to add to her shelves to make them truly personal, and she gives some great explanation for how to achieve a look that will suit your own personal style

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