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Craft A Coffee Filter Wreath

If you’re always on the lookout for an inexpensive way to add a stylish touch to your decor, then this crafty coffee filter wreath will fill the bill. These wreaths have become quite popular lately, and they are surprisingly easy to make, but they truly have a designer look.

Brooke from Anastasia Vintage shows us how to create this charming accent for your home.


Her list of materials is very small – a wreath form, pins, and coffee filters! Brooke used brown filters to create a rustic look, but white filters would be beautifully modern. She shows how to crumple the filter and create a point at one end, and then insert a pin through the filter and into the wreath form.


The wreath Brooke created used less than 100 filters, but a larger wreath would be stunning on a door. This is a project that fulfills the need for almost instant gratification and is a simple enough project to work on with children.

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