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Fabulous Faux Fur X-Base Benches

Sherry from Savvy Apron had been loving the Crate & Barrel X-Base Bench and knew she just had to have one for the end of her bed!

However, the designer version was $349 and that just would not do. Sherry started out by scouring home décor stores, but only found one in a bright purple color.

So, she decided to DIY. The thrift stores were kind to her and she was able to find two X-base directors chairs, a faux fur coat, and some pieces of foam that fit perfectly!

A little bit of staple gun action and she had her perfect bench.

These are Sherry’s benches:


This is the Crate & Barrel design that sparked the idea.

Head over to Savvy Apron to see how Sherry created these fun benches!

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