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Wood Quilt Square Wall Art

Elizabeth from Destination Decoration shares how she took a $400 piece of artwork from Pottery Barn and turned it into a $40 DIY project! Elizabeth loved the wood quilt square art she’d seen other bloggers knock off and was inspired to create her own using wood, stain, and glue. She was even able to customize the size to better fit her one bedroom apartment. While this may have been one of the more difficult projects Elizabeth has tackled, she says it’s also one of her favorite DIY pieces. It’s not hard to see why!

DIY Wall Art | Pottery Barn Knock Off Quilt Square Art ~ Knock off this $400 Pottery Barn wall art for $40!

The original inspiration came from the Planked Quilt Square from Pottery Barn.

Planked Quilt Square from Pottery Barn

Check out Elizabeth’s DIY wood wall art at Destination Decoration.

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