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DIY Upholstered Ottoman From Any Old Table

If you look at the room settings of the high-end home goods retailers, you’ll see many of the settings have an upholstered ottoman. These relatively small pieces add a lot to a room, but they can be very costly. Meredith and Kevin of notsonewlywedmcgees show how you can take an old end table and create a beautifully upholstered ottoman.

The legs of any table can be cut down to the best size for your room. When you are happy with the height of the table, your next decision is whether or not to put tufting in the upholstery. If you choose to tuft the upholstery, Meredith and Kevin walk you through the process in their tutorial. Foam and batting are adhered to the top and sides of the ottoman and then the fabric of your choice is tacked on.

The final step is the tufting and then in no time you’ve achieved the look of a designer piece.

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