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DIY Rustic Curtain Rods

If you have curtains in your house, then you know that you can either go cheap and ho-hum or wildly expensive and beautiful with curtain rods. Carmen from grosstograndios decided that she wanted lovely curtain rods but she didn’t want to pay the price, so she made her own, and she explains how you can too with very little money as well as very little time.

DIY Rustic Curtain RodsThe materials for this project are easily obtainable and are very reasonably priced, and Carmen provides us with a complete list of what is needed. There are also detailed photos of the process for constructing the rods. Carmen explains in detail how to measure your window accurately so the rods will be perfect. The dowel rods that are the main part of the curtain rods are stained and then the hardware is spray painted, in this case, black.

DIY Rustic Curtain Rods

Finally, the rods are inserted into the hardware and everything is hung on the wall. The result is a beautiful and rustic finish.

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