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Create A Mosaic Tray

Sometimes even the most mundane object can become a real work of art. Bethany from realitydaydream shows us how to create a beautiful mosaic piece from an inexpensively purchased tray. Bethany found a tray at a yard sale and explains how she transformed it in just a few steps.

Create A Mosaic Tray

In her tutorial, Bethany used leftover tiles from a backsplash she installed in her home to create her mosaic tray, but she gives good ideas for other objects that would be equally beautiful in a mosaic such as broken china or mirrors or even pennies. Bethany first painted her tray, and when the paint was dry, she laid out her tiles one by one. Bethany cautions that if the objects you are using are extremely light, you may want to lightly glue them down so they don’t shift during the next step.

Create A Mosaic Tray

Once the tiles are set, epoxy is poured over all. To eliminate the bubbles in the epoxy, Bethany used a blowtorch over the entire surface.

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sondra bailey

Monday 18th of June 2018

How did you use a blowtorch? I really want to do this. Beautiful!

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