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DIY Ombre Accent Chair

Jesse, from Nine Red, likes to share school of restoration posts with his readers. Inspired by the recent ombre trend and the Windsor Love Seat from Anthropologie he set out to find a cheaper way to create DIY ombre furniture using an old chair. Some of his other supplies include sandpaper, gloves, spray paint primer and three different shades of your desired color in spray paint.

While Jesse isn’t suggesting completely sanding down the original finish on your chair, he encourages you to sand it down enough to create a better texture for your spray paint to cling to. He also suggests that you pay attention to the instructions on the spray paint where it typically suggests  “Re-coat within 1 hour or after 24 hours” in order to avoid bubbling, something he learned the hard way.

The Windsor Love Seat from Anthropologie that inspired Jesse’s DIY.


This is Jesse’s finished DIY ombre accent chair.

color fade chair tutorial

You can read Jesse’s original post to get his complete list of supplies and DIY instructions.

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