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DIY Metallic Print Glassware

Sarah of Sarah Hearts loved the simple, geometric design of some metallic glasses from West Elm, and with her Silhouette and gold vinyl was able to easily make her own. Sarah created one set that is literally spot-on with her West Elm inspiration and then went a step further to make some with retro-inspired designs. These are perfect for holiday gatherings!

metallic glasses

Sarah was inspired by the Metallic Printed Glassware Set from West Elm.

metallic printed glassware set

Make your own metallic print glasses at Sarah Hearts.

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Sunday 22nd of December 2013

Wow. Beautiful! I like your designs far better than the West Elm originals.

Sarah Hearts

Tuesday 19th of November 2013

Thanks so much for sharing my DIY metallic glassware!


Tuesday 19th of November 2013

You are welcome. They are gorgeous!

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