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DIY Drop Cloth Curtains that Are Economical and Chic

Curtains provide privacy, help keep a room warm, keep it cool, and soften spaces.

If your decor is modern, modern farmhouse, country, or eclectic, this bleached drop cloth curtain project may be for you.

Megan from Our Handcrafted Life explains how she used store bought drop cloths and transformed them in a couple of simple steps.

Due to the fact she did not want to have her house smell like a swimming pool, Megan worked on her drop cloth curtain project outside.

She explains what types of drop cloths she used and how much bleach she added to her container.

A very good point was made when she explained that you have to do a second bath of vinegar water to keep the bleach from eating away at the curtains.

These curtains turned out very nicely and look great in her decor. The cost was reasonable and the curtains look very chic !!

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