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Beautifully Reupholstered Chair

When you find a solid piece of furniture that will work great in your decor but needs a makeover, you have two choices.

Take the piece to a reupholster or do it yourself.

In the case of this chair, Michelle, from Blue Roof Cabin chose to redo it herself.

She removed all of the original fabric and took the chair down to its bare bones.

The caning on the original chair did not fit in her overall plan for the chair so she removed that as well.

After repainting the chair she backed it in burlap.

The addition of the cream linen complemented the paint and revived the chair back to grandeur.

If you have never reupholstered a piece of furniture this project would prove quite difficult as a first attempt. The button tufts and nailhead insertion are tedious.

Michelle has obvious experience with reupholstery and gives us a fine example of her talent.

This is a wonderful example of salvaging a time-worn piece and bringing it back serve once again.

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