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Beautiful Reupholstered Floral Stool

Sara from the Alice and Lois blog received a footstool from a friend that had seen better days, and had even been reupholstered several times before. Sara had a secret stash of beautiful floral fabric from her friend’s new fabric line so she decided it would be the perfect project to showcase the floral design. Reupholstering something as simple as a footstool is actually surprisingly easy! All you will need is fabric, batting, a staple gun, scissors, and tools to remove the stool legs. You can make a footstool in any color or pattern to add a pop of vibrancy to your room. Sara’s floral design is reminiscent of a World Market footstool that retails for over $200, while Sara was able to DIY hers for just a few dollars!

This is Sara’s finished footstool:

upholstered stool

This is the World Market floral footstool:

world market ottoman

See the full tutorial over at Alice and Lois.

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