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Acid Wash Mirror Wall Art

Pamela from PB&J Stories turned a $2.99 Goodwill mirror into unique wall art for her master bedroom. Pamela says, “I always thought these Anthropologie mirrors were gorgeous, but for a small collection of them the $750 price tag was out of this world.  In a Saturday afternoon I was able to create this acid wash mirror with a stenciled backdrop and plan on making lots more! Possibilities are endless.” Following Pamela’s steps, you could make a pretty cool wall arrangement using an assortment of thrift store mirrors.

Acid Wash Mirror

Pamela was inspired by the Collected Memories Mirror from Anthropologie.

Collected Memories Mirror

Find the detailed tutorial at PB&J Stories.

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Friday 2nd of September 2011

hello beckie!!

gorgeous! i really don't have an idea of having this mirror as a wall decor,it really looks great, i love them, thank you for sharing, anyway have you visit this site? Home Decor Stores!

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