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9 Unique Knock Off Boxes, Baskets & Bins

1 DIY Distressed Trunk

Can you believe this trunk is brand new? I love how the wood looks aged and worn with time, and the hardware adds the perfect finishing touch.

If you have time and motivation, this is a great project to add to your list! (You know you want to, because I bet that you’re already envisioning this piece in your home!)

2 Inspirational Herb Boxes

Nothing says “pick-me-up” like fresh herbs! Although these boxes don’t have fresh herb plants inside, they are nonetheless refreshing with their inspirational quotes: “Parsley to soothe.” “Thyme for courage.” “Sage for strength.”

A simple design of a sturdy wooden box, this mini collection would be an excellent addition to your kitchen, dining room, or porch!

3 Wooden Pencil Box

Call mom’s of little ones and professional businessmen and crafty artists and creative writers! Stop stashing your adorable pens, pencils, and markers inside a drawer.

These awesome pencil box would make a great piece for your desktop as you display your fancy organizational office supplies.

But wait, are you not the crafty type? That’s okay. I have a good feeling that this beauty could be a functional silverware caddie, too.

4 Rolling Wooden Crate

There is something about a nice wooden crate that makes me think of apple picking in the fall. It evokes warmth, joy, and smiles, just like this crate.

It’s a basic DIY project for a wooden box with wheels attached to the bottom for extra functionality.

I can already picture this on the floor of my pantry and linen closets!

5 Key Cabinet

I remember being a little kid who was fascinated with my parent’s key basket, overflowing with keys in all shapes and sizes and colorful tags attached to each.

I’d dump out the basket and read the labels. “Johnson garage door.” “Snow’s back door.” “Black luggage locks.” “Mom’s fence gate.”

And I also remember that when they needed a particular key, they could never find it in that crazy basket!

Which is why a key cabinet will make a great Christmas present for my parents! …let me guess, your key basket needs to be upgraded to a key cabinet, as well??

6 Stylish Storage Boxes

Boxes and bins look just as good on bookshelves as books do, in my personal opinion.

So these Kate Spade inspired pink and blue boxes are amazing! Can you believe what a bit of paint and a label do to enhance a standard cardboard box?

Best part is that you can personalize it to your bookself decor – polka dots, leaves, vintage lace, etc.

7 Industrial Rolling Cart (from a cardboard box!)

Diaper boxes and Amazon boxes are extra sturdy. So instead of recycling them, modify them into a basket, bin, or rolling cart!

Burlap, fabric, or wrapping paper are easy to cover the outside. Add hardware or a label on the side, and even wheels if you’d like.

Now that free box becomes a piece of home decor with function and style! Did I mention how easy and cheap this DIY is, too?!

8 Wood and Canvas Jumbo Basket

If this isn’t classic and adorable, then I don’t know what is! The stained wood creates a nice X-style frame for the basket.

Line it with white canvas, or any fabric of your choice (like burlap or lace). The benefit of crafting your own basket is that you can personalize the dimensions.

For example, this DIY blogger needed a basket the exact length and depth of this entryway table. Do you have a table that needs a specific size basket? Now you have the project plans!

9 Numbered Cubby Shelf

Thank you Pottery Barn for designing adorable furniture, giving us a DIY hack to copy! This shelf has a row of bins (as many as you want to include!).

The numbers are perfect for a kid’s room and craft supplies, but I can also envision a quote about wine and turning this into a wine rack! Or maybe something about cooking and morphing it into a utensil storage rack.

Why not roll up towel in there for the bathroom, or even toilet paper! The options are endless, so have fun with this do-it-yourself design!


Boxes, baskets, and bins – oh my! Storage is essential in every home, which is why everyone has some kind of box, bin, or basket.

But while I was researching, these unique options really captured my attention (and have since been added to my to-do list, like the rolling wooden crate for my pantry).

Which of these could you envision in your home? Do you have other unique storage ideas? Share a picture in the comments – we love to feature knock offs by our valued readers!

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