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10 Best Shoe Storage Ideas

10 Best Shoe Storage Ideas

We all have shoes. And not just a pair or two…but MANY pairs of shoes.

We have shoes for every occasion and purpose. For work, sports, weekend wear, warm weather, church, special events, rain and snow…the list doesn’t end.

Note that the “we” here isn’t just you, who is reading this now. Most of us have families, so that means pretty much everyone except the dog has multiple sets of footwear somewhere in the house.

When it comes to finding ideas for shoe storage we’re faced with figuring out where to store the shoes we love but don’t always get to wear. This is the long-term storage problem. Can our closets really hold our treasured collections of heals, hiking boots and snow boots?

Then comes the short-term storage of shoes. These are the everyday pairs that we want to keep both organized and easily accessible.

Then comes the short-term storage of shoes. These are the everyday pairs that we want to keep both organized and easily accessible. That’s the ideal.

The catch of course is that this ideal also gives you a working, clutter-free solution.

As we all know, anything we need every day is usually kept out in the open or in areas of high traffic like a front door, laundry area or garage.

We want these shoes, boots, flip-flops, etc. nearby and ready to go when we are.

And let’s not forget that practicality aside, we strongly desire our shoe storage to look amazing. Of course, right!?

Below are some great looking DIY ideas you can use to store shoes that keep them tidy AND easy-to-reach.

1. Vintage Mail Sorter Shoe Organizer

What better way to store massive quantities of shoes. An old mail sorter had to sort piles of mail…with this, you can sort piles of your family’s shoes.


See the DIY Tutorial:

2. Outside Entrance Pallet Shoe Rack

Right out of a “101 ways to use pallets” list, but you have to admit this one is clever and DIY-attractive as heck. The pallet and paint bring the charm, you bring the shoes!

And as an outdoor piece, it makes it easy for both you and your visitors to remember TO take off shoes and know WHERE to find them when you need them. The perfect match.


See the DIY Tutorial:

3. Shoe Rack Set of 8

Organizing shoes can be so messy. It doesn’t matter how conscious you are about them; you always find them on the floor in an irregular fashion.

This adjustable shoe rack is the modern-day shoe organizing sensation.

The smart and two-tier design enables you to use this space to place your shoe in the form of a pair. The shoe rack is height adjustable, so a shoe pair of any size can fit there.

Whether you have sneakers, diggers, high heels, or any other type of shoe, this rack set of 8 can make you place your shoes the way you want them to place.

4. Under Bed Rolling Shoe Drawer

This is one of those out-of-the-way shoe storage ideas we just love. Simple to make and easy to use.

Hopefully you have space under your bed for this convenient bedroom solution.


See the DIY Tutorial:

5. The Hidden Rustic Shoe Cabinet

A gorgeous recycled piece of furniture that you’d never know was remade into a shoe cabinet.

Close the doors…I don’t see any shoes on the floor or taking up space in closets do you? A lot of thrift store cabinets would work for this!


See the DIY Tutorial:

6. Minimalist Sticky Wall Shoe Racks

A clever idea that doesn’t take up any real estate in your house. These are pre-made, so nothing to build or craft together.

Best of all, you can use your wall space wherever convenient with no nailing required!


Sticky Shoe Storage Organizer

Get More Details:

7. Crown Molding Closet Shoe Hanger

This one is pretty much just for heels…and gives “high heels” a second meaning as you can use nice pieces of crown molding and simply affix them high up on the wall in your closet.


See the DIY Tutorial:

8. Easy Stackable Crates for Shoes

If you’ve got great looking shoes, there’s nothing wrong with turning them into a mini show-piece somewhere around your bedroom.

Painted crates are cheap and easy to stack for a million-dollar look.

Plus, you can position these however your want for a completely customizable solution.


See the DIY Tutorial:

9. Thrift Store Repurpose Shoe Rack

A smart idea on this one because it gets shoes all together in a nice looking way.

If you’re short on closet space and want to give your mud room or laundry area some real charm and appeal, then pick up any cabinet from yesteryear and convert it into a show rack.


See the DIY Tutorial:

10. PVC Shoe Organizer

A little modern. A little artsy. A lot inexpensive way to get your mess of sneakers off the floor and inside little cubbies.


See the DIY Tutorial:

11. Shoe Storage Ottoman

Another one we love because it and serve a dual purpose. Shoe storage and a place to sit or rest your feet.

See the DIY Tutorial:

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Monday 29th of October 2018

Thanks for the great ideas, came in handy since we just tiled our bedrooms !!

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