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Reclaimed Wood Project

There are times when we all feel the need to create something beautiful and maybe rustic as an art piece for our homes, and sometimes that art piece can be useful as well – that’s a real win-win situation. Donna from funkyjunkinteriors offers a fun tutorial using reclaimed wood pieces to create rustic wall art with a hint of steampunk.

Reclaimed Wood Project

Donna shows us how to make a heart using her old wood pieces as well as some other “junk” she had. There is a complete supply list as well as detailed photos illustrating how this project comes together. The base of the heart is done with wood pieces glued together and then cut into a heart shape, and the real creativity comes next. Donna offers two ways to use the heart. The first way is simply as wall art with interest coming from all the hardware added to spell out “Love”.

She uses the same heart the second way when she adds a stencil and cup hooks to make a useful addition to a kitchen.

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