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Peeking Mummy Halloween Pillow

Add a little scare to your living room this Halloween with this creepy Pottery Barn knock-off mummy throw pillow cover.

Your mummy pillow will be perfectly wrapped and preserved, with those large, peaking eyes that you only find this time of year.

Follow this super easy tutorial to make your own and add a one-of-kind item to your Halloween decor.

Mummy eyes Halloween throw pillow

Mummy Pillow Project Background

Debi from Cameo Cottage Designs loves to save money and says “…when I find something in the high end stores and think I can make it, I try!”

She was shopping online at Pottery Barn when she saw a cute mummy pillow.

Her youngest grandson also saw the pillow, and when he asked Debi if he could have one, she couldn’t resist!

Debi goes on to say:

“I love ours more because mummies sometimes have gauze on them, and I figured out a way to use it, but also to keep it from being snagged and torn. This was also the first time I have ever made an insert pillow. I had no pattern, but from my visual memory I pulled it off! I had everything I needed in my stash so it didn’t cost me a dime!”

Pottery Barn Mummy Pillow Knock Off ~ Mine Is Better With Gauze!

Project Tips

As you know by now, the mummy effect is basically a cover. So, guess what?

You can actually use one of your existing pillow you already have in your home. Let’s just say it will be dressing up as a mummy on Halloween!

Debi’s pillow was 18″x 18″ square. Honestly, this could work for any size…perhaps the larger the better for an even bigger impact to the spooky mood you’re setting.

Use a canvas drop cloth as the basis of your mummy cover. Then what you do is drape 3″ cotton cloth around. Debi covers  a bit how to fray these pieces for the “aged” gauze effect.

You’ll be pinning the small strips around and onto the drop cloth. To finish up, you can hand sew the drop cloth to itself or perhaps use Velcro for an easy-on and easy-off custom change.

Debi was inspired by the Mummy Decorative Pillow from Pottery Barn.

mummy decorative pillow

Where to See It

You can find the full tutorial with more creepy photos at Cameo Cottage Designs.

Don’t look too long though…it’s hard to get those staring eyes out of your memory!

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