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Trio of Hanging Mason Jars for Fall

Here’s a 10-minute project just for the fall season – Mason jars filled with autumnal pieces like acorns, corn and mini pompinos.

Taken directly from Pottery Barn, this knock-off brings complete satisfaction because it’s so easy and offers so much of “fall”, all in one glorious DIY piece.

Hanging mason jar filler for fall

Fall Mason Jar Project Background

Kelly from Live Laugh Rowe loves fall and the decorating that comes with it.

She saw a lovely idea from Pottery Barn for creating a simple vignette with hanging mason jars and vase fillers.

Kelly happened to already have some on hand, so it took all of about 10 minutes to fill her jars with acorns, popping corn, and mini pumpkin pods and then place a candle in the middle.

I love the combination of colors and textures!

DIY Fall Decor with Hanging Mason Jars

Project Tips

You can go nuts literally with what to fill your mason jars with: Pumpkin seeds, nuts of every kind, leaves, coffee beans, dried flowers, dried twigs, mini-apples, frayed yarn…you get the idea.


The votive really adds an extra warm touch to these jars. Just carefully place them in… use some double-sided tape on the bottom to help keep them stable once you have them inside.

The tape should still allow you to fine-tune the positioning after you first drop them in. The filler will also hide the tape.


Kelly uses artistic twisted wire type hanger to follow suit with her inspiration product.

Just cut off a length from a spool like the one below, then wrap it around the top lip and tie on each side.

Steel wire

Alternatively you can go with a slightly different style; one that is frankly a lot easier while still looking nice.

These are hanger handles made especially for holding up mason jars.

Wire Handles for mason jars


Add filler

When adding smaller filler like corn kernels, Kelly suggests using some paper to help funnel them into place evenly (and to keep them out of the votives).

These jars don’t have to be hung like the original – as you can see in the photos, they look fabulous adorning a table or shelf.

Kelly was inspired by the Hanging Mason Jars with Acorn Vase Filler from Pottery Barn.

hanging mason jars

Where to See It

Find all the details from Kelly’s DIY experience over at Live Laugh Rowe.

Honestly though, there’s isn’t much more to see, except you comment after making your own and tell Kelly ‘thanks!’

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