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Stenciled Dog Toy Storage Basket

Definitely a cute way to store your dog’s toys, this Ballard Designs knock-off will also definitely save you some serious coin.

Once again, a little paint goes a long way in completely transforming the essence of something.

In this case, it’a burlap bucket used in gardening and growing repurposed into a great way to keep your doggie stuff organized and off the floor.

Dog toy storage basket pin

Dog Toy Basket Project Background

Kathleen of Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} recently got a new puppy – and all the toys that come with it!

She knew the moment she saw a hemp dog toy storage basket from Ballard, she could make it herself for much less. Kathleen already had burlap buckets she had recently picked up for a steal.

That just left the stenciling. Kathleen says, “I managed to create my own version for around $7.00, while Ballard Designs charges $55.00 for theirs!

Having a new puppy is awesome, but creating a knock-off for less that I love more than the original? Priceless!”

Project Tips

Kathleen will tell you the most grueling part of her project was picking a font she liked for the stencil.

It depends on your style and decor, but I say don’t get too hung up on it, or just borrow Kathleen’s “Birds of Paradise” font choice as it looks great.

For the basket (bag) itself, it’s hard to find something completely plain and for cheap.

Amazon doesn’t carry any that would be a good fit, but they do offer plant grow bags. These are a great size, and you can get 5 of them for under $15.00.

You may not be making 5 dog toy baskets, but if you’re going to the trouble of learning this technique, why not make some for a few other items you want to conveniently store?

These aren’t exactly burlap material, but they have the appearance off – plus, the fabric will be easy enough to paint with your black acrylic paint.

 Fabric Pots Grow Bags with Strap Handles


stenciled dog toy storage

Kathleen was inspired by Ballard Designs’ Hemp Dog Toy Storage.

hemp dog toy storage

Where to See It

Read through all of Kathleen’s instruction over at Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home}.

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