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X-Base Farmhouse Table with Bolted Plank Top

If you are looking for a “… distinctive, one-of-a-kind wood table with loads of artisan style and a small price tag,” you’ve got to check out Heather from Setting for Four’s latest build!

This gorgeous farmhouse style dining table that Heather and her hubs built following plans from Ana White features an x-base, bolted plank top, and salvaged grey wash finish.

And the most amazing part? It cost only $157 to build!


This is a good sized table. This makes it even more intriguing that it can be made for just over $150. If you have a larger family, or just a decent space outside to eat and entertain, this is a great option for you.

I always like the look of a farmhouse table outside. It’s naturally outdoorsy, but can be decorated and placed beautifully in designy outdoor living settings.

So how hard is it to build this thing?

It’s not bad actually. The good news is there are some detailed plans you can follow, and the motivation alone to complete a large and awesome piece of furniture like this will take you to the finish line.

One aspect to think about is that it does require a little bit of woodworking skills.

I’m talking sanding with orbital sanders, slicing up wood with miter saws and filling holls and gaps with wood filler. Not too bad, right?

In fact, the first part of this project just involves a bunch of cutting, sanding and filling. Heather shares some pretty detailed tips on each part so you can get some sharp looking results.


Favorite Tip?

Aside from nice info and tips on how to fill imperfections and get rid of the rough spots in your wood (so you never knew they existed!), I can really appreciate Heather’s attention to detail when it comes to drilling into the wood.

If you’re going to go to all the work to fill and smooth out creases and other rough spots in the wood, the last thing you want is splintered wood around the holes you need to drill!

The answer?

According to Heather, her brand of quality painter’s tape helped eliminate that problem. Do check out what she’s doing there if you’re not familiar with this technique. It’ll make your table look like you paid hundreds of dollars of it.

The original inspiration came from Restoration Hardware’s Salvaged Wood X-Base Dining Table.

salvaged wood x base dining table

Heather shares all the details about her build at Setting for Four.

This is one of those tutorials that will make you want to stop what you’re doing, head to the lumber yard or the like, and get going on making your own!

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