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Wedding Decor Rustic Lantern

Do you want your wedding decorations to reflect your rustic style? Brooke from All Things Thrifty came up with a novel idea to make her own copper lantern. Using some basic woodworking tools and 1×2’s Brooke set to work constructing these beautiful lanterns.

You’ll find lanterns at the local craft stores but Brooke’s are quite inexpensive. She distressed the 1×2’s by beating them with some screws wrapped in a towel, and spray painted sheet metal with copper spray paint. The blend of the distressed wood with the large knotted rope pulls everything together for a truly rustic lantern.

These lanterns do not have to just be for wedding decor. Imagine hanging them throughout your home and adding battery-powered candles. A warm glow from these lanterns will surely set an inviting mood in whatever room you add them. A great idea Brooke, thanks for sharing.

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