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A Penny Saved Mirror Display

Benjamin Franklin once said, “A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned”.

How many of us have pennies sitting in a jar waiting to go to the bank?

Today they seem almost useless in our debit card society and that is why this project from Suzy at Real Happy Space will be so much fun to make.

Using a glue gun and some basic supplies, Suzy shows us how she adhered the pennies to the wood base. She does note that the glue gun was a better choice, even with the strings, rather than gluing her fingers together with super glue. Of course, if an emergency struck and you needed a penny, it would be easier to get it off the board.

Suzy mentions that she did wash her pennies prior to gluing them on the board. This project is clever and will be a lot of fun to craft. You may even want to give it as a gift to the “penny hoarder” in your life.

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