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Tim Holtz Brown Box Transformation

How organized is your decor? Do you like keeping clutter to a minimum? Most of us store our clutter in plain boxes or even totes shoved under beds. Lookie at What I Did decided to take a boring brown storage box and add embellishments to match her decor.

The makeover added charm to an otherwise boring storage case. Her purchase of Tim Holtz’s decorative feet from Michael’s inspired her, and she added these to the bottom of the box. A burlap wrap around the box added texture. The big metal rose on top set off the entire design and matched the color of her decor.

Now there is no excuse in keeping your clutter in boring brown boxes. This crafty idea should inspire you to take a look around and see what storage boxes you can add some embellishment to. Lookie at What I Did made a great box simply inspired by decorative feet from Tim Holtz. Great Job !!

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