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Thrifted Lamp Refashion

Thrift stores are always full of secondhand lamps- some are fabulous, but some… not so much. Kim from Made in a Day was looking for an old lamp that had the right shape for her to makeover. She says that the trick to finding a lamp that really works is looking for one that has “relatively new hardware,” so you aren’t worrying about faulty wiring. Bad wires can take an easy DIY into “maybe I should have just bought the designer version” territory. Kim found a brass lamp with the right shape and was ready to DIY. With a few coats of dry brushed paint, she had a perfectly rustic lamp that looks amazing with her turquoise velvet shade.

How beautiful is this finished lamp? Totally Pottery Barn quality.


Head over to Made in a Day to see how Kim achieved the rustic look on her lamp base.

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