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Textured Chalk Paint Nightstand

Painting a piece of furniture you love can really be a lot of fun. It is not fun if you do not know what you are doing though. Thankfully, Jennifer from the Grace House Interiors shares with us her method for painting with Annie Sloan chalk paint.

The best part of this tutorial is the careful explanation for each step in the process. Painting with chalk paint is quite different than staining or interior paint. The paint requires a wax finish, and having a wax finish makes it very unique. Jennifer tells us to apply the wax in a circular motion with the brush. It helps fill in every part of the surface. Another tip she shares is to soak the wax brush in water overnight to remove any loose bristles. Nothing is worse than having loose bristles getting stuck while trying to wax.

If you have not tried chalk paint this would be a great project to try. It is fun and you will be amazed on how nice your furniture looks after using chalk paint.

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