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Sunflower Bedroom Ideas to Tickle Your Soul Night and Day

sunflower decoration in your house

Your room is your private space and a place where you can feel safe and be open about your emotions. 

Some people use their rooms to represent their personalities, while others decorate their rooms based on their current emotions.

Despite life’s challenges and unpleasant episodes, we all need to remain positive and see the good in every situation. 

So if your room looks drab and boring, we understand why you want to change it up a bit. 

Decorating your room with happy elements can fill it with positive vibes, and there’s no better way to emit this vibe than with sunflowers.

Sunflowers with their round faces and bright yellow petals look like the rays of the sun and represent optimism, happiness, and vibrancy.

These are elements that you should certainly see upon waking up and that serve as a gentle reminder when you fall asleep.

If you’re up to the idea of transforming your room into a bubble of energy, we’re here to help. 

Read on to find 25 of the best sunflower bedroom decor ideas that are guaranteed to infuse positivity.

Ideas List

1. Light It up with Sunflowers

lit sunflower glass dome

Artificial Sunflower in Glass Dome with Led Light Strip – See here!

One of the many cute sunflower bedroom ideas is this glass dome light.

So toss your boring night lamp away and give your room that warm, soft glow that will have you afloat in dreamland in no time.

2. Perfect Combo – Greens and Yellows

sunflower pots for window

 Sunflower Planters – See here!

Adding natural plants in your room is good for you, and they look lovely in any room.

Getting some sunflower-designed planters is a great way to showcase your choice of succulents.

Set this trio near your window so it can catch plenty of sun.

3. Cuddle with the Sun

happy yellow pillow

Decorative Pillow – See more!

This versatile pillow can serve as an accent to your bed pillows.

You can also use it on your bedroom chair or on the floor.

Set it against your plain linens, and you automatically have some sunshine in your room. It is fun, aesthetic, and functional.

4. Sun on My Wall

Sun on my Wall example

See at Wayfair

These particular sunflower-themed bedroom ideas are simple but can become the focal point in your room.

Hang this sunflower tapestry either on the wall of your bed or the wall directly facing your door.

Experience happiness every time you enter your room.

5. Sunshine on My Window

sunflower curtains for bedrooms

Sheer Sunflower Curtains – See here!

Whether it’s cloudy or rainy outside, you will always have sunshine on your window with these sunflower-inspired curtains.

The flowers are daintily spread across this sheer yellow polyester drape, allowing you to experience the vitality of the sun and wind in the comfort of your bedroom.

6. Sunflower Painting

Sunflower painting example

See at Wayfair

If you’re not into displaying your photos in your room, this lady seated in funky floral coordinates with sunflowers in the background can be your substitute photo.

The fun use of colors makes this modern art print ideal for your plain walls.

I also love sunflowers in watercolor, which add such a natural and happy artistic touch to any space.

sunflower painted on wall canvas

See this canvas art at Wayfair

7. In a Bed of Sunflowers

duvet and pillows

Queen Size Sunflower Duvet with pillow case – See here!

Lay yourself down in a bed of sunflowers with this duvet.

The black and yellow combination of this bedding will have you snuggling in your bed of sunshine more often. 

The empowering quote printed also serves as a reminder and affirmation just to embrace yourself and what your life has to offer.

Surely one of the best sunflower decor ideas for bedrooms you can find! 

8. Sunflower Bedroom Rug with Butterflies = Pure Joy

sunflower bedroom rug

Personalized Butterfly Area Rug – See here!

This personalized carpet can transform your bedroom into a space that is truly yours.

With your name printed on this floor rug and the beautiful sunflower-and-butterflies print, you can’t help but just be reminded everyday of rebirth, hope, and a brighter tomorrow.

9. Sunflower for your Thoughts?

sunflower themed journal

Sunflower Journal – See here!

Your thoughts and feelings are yours, and in the security of your bedroom, you can just let them all out.

Allow this sunflower-inspired journal to motivate you to pen down your innermost thoughts.

This and a look around your sunflower-themed bedroom will ease your fears and anxieties.

So absorb the positivity and know that all will be well.

10. Reminders and Affirmations for the Bedroom

sunflower themed reminders

Sunflower Hanging Wall Prints – See here!

These wooden wall plaques printed with three of the most beautiful words in the dictionary are a daily reminder of how you should feel.

These words of encouragement and positivity will instantly brighten your room.

This is a must-have among all the sunflower bedroom design ideas that abound.

11. Delicate Fairy Sunflower Lights

sunflower decorated lighting

Delicate Fairy Lights – See here!

Surround your bed frame with these battery-operated fairy lights to create a safe and ethereal haven for yourself.

You can also allow these lights to loosely drape or hang from your ceiling to achieve that rainfall light effect.

12. Warm and Comfy in a Sunflower Blanket

sunflower blanket for bed

Soft and warm sunflower blanket – See here!

Your very own snuggle buddy without any commitments or expectations is just what you need.

This sunflower-inspired flannel fleece blanket is ready to comfort you whenever you feel sad or cold.

13. Central Focus

Central Focus example

See at Wayfair

This area rug will definitely draw your attention and not just because of its braided sunflower design.

If you’re after that homey and cute country sunflower bedroom idea, this eco-friendly and completely biodegradable area rug is for you.

14. Let the Walls Talk

Giant sunflower wall mural

Blooming Sunflowers Wallpaper – See here!

If you want to go a little extreme, these sunflower decor ideas for the bedroom can do all the talking for you.

This removable mural is the solution if you’re not 100% committed to turning your room into a patch of sunflowers. 

Temporary or not, this is an obvious statement of how much you love sunflowers.

Watch this video for some inspiration:

15. Bedroom Gnomes Dressed in Sunflower Attire

Elves with sunflowers

Sunflower Elves – See here!

Who says that gnomes are just for your garden? Nope, this sunflower-inspired trio can be a versatile accent in your bedroom.

Use them as plain decorations or as bookends. However you choose to use these elves, they’ll surely be eye-catching and adorable.

16. Daisies, Sunflowers, and Motivation

sunflower stick-on mural

Sunflower and Daisy Vinyl Stickers – See here!

This is one of the best girls sunflower bedroom ideas because it is a combination of  all things cheerful, girly, and motivational. Just imagine waking up every morning and being reminded of these two powerful life principles.

These wall decals make a loud statement, and having them in your room can keep you anchored and remind you to enjoy life.

17. Store it in the Sunflower Chest

decorative sunflower box

Sunflower-themed storage bin – See here!

Maintain a clutter-free room with the help of this storage bin in a fun sunflower print.

Regardless of the theme, tide rooms are always the best ones.

This can also be a convenient, movable chest for your socks, caps, and accessories, so you can keep everything organized.

18. Catch Your Dreams with Sunflowers

sunflower dream catcher

Handmade Sunflower Dream Catcher – See here!

Embrace all the positives in life, even in your dreams, with this woven dreamcatcher that follows a succulent and sunflower theme.

Not only will it protecting you from bad dreams, but it is also an artsy and cute addition to your room, thanks to its bohemian vibe.

19. Write with the Sun!

sunflowers in a pot

Flower Power Pens – See here!

This dual-purpose sunflower pen is the perfect partner for your sunflower-themed journal and, at the same time, makes a pretty sunflower bouquet on your desk.

If you don’t have a green thumb, having these artificial and functional flowers will make up for any lack of shrubbery in your room.

20. Wear the Sunflower

sunflower bedroom decor

Sunflower inspired sleep wear- See here!

A sunflower-themed bedroom won’t be complete if you don’t have the outfit to match it.

These matching and comfy PJs are what you need to be genuinely called a sunflower child.

21. Fresh is Best!

bouquet of fresh sunflower

Nothing beats a bunch of fresh and natural sunflowers, so when you can, gather some of these florals and put them in your room.

Sure, they will eventually wilt, and the colors won’t be as bright, but you can always get a fresh batch if you feel like it.

And that concludes our list of sunflower-themed bedroom ideas.


You definitely have a good starting point now to transform your room with these sunflower bedroom decor ideas.

Again, you don’t need to have sunflowers in all corners of your room.

Playing with the overall palette of your room and incorporating these sunflower-inspired pieces is enough to create your floral haven.

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