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Styish, Easy, and Perfect Pallet Shelf

Pallets have been the mainstay of transporting goods for a very long time. They are heavy, sturdy, and depending on the kind of wood used, will last a very long time. Probably what first caught your eye with this pallet shelf from DIYCANDY was way the pallet enhanced the items it was supporting.

They plates and gravy boat never would have stood off that wall if it were not for the pallet adding an elaborate twist. For those that need lots of pictures along with written instructions, you will be happy to know that Amy provides both. She shows us exactly where she made the cuts along the pallet, and has close ups for putting it all together. If you have home decor items on a wall that seem to blend in, yet you want them to pop.

This pallet shelf project adds unprecedented charm and appeal. Be sure to find pallets that are still in good condition. Boards that are split, cracked, and broken will hinder your efforts building this attractive shelf.

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