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Small Spaces Bench Design

Sometimes our homes have these cut out nook areas that are too small for chairs, desks, or tables. One of the ways to utilize this space is to make a floating bench. It can provide a comfy space for reading and store books at the same time. Tamara from Provident Home Design shows us how she made hers.

Suitable for several areas of your home, you can use it in a child’s room, a living room, or bedroom. With the addition of a padded cushion and comfy pillows a younger child may be encouraged to read. Tamara provides a list of materials needed as well as pictures to show you how the bench goes together. A couple of simple to make supports go under the bench and then it is screwed into wall studs.

Eliminate an awkward space and enjoy the cozy nook area now created with this bench. A great idea for making a wasted space useful.

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