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Do You Have to Seal Stained Wood: Your Questions Answered

adding stain to wood

When you decide to stain your wood, you might battle with the question of “Do you have to seal stained wood”?

Well, the answer isn’t a simple yes or no. Let’s just say that staining your wood and not sealing it doesn’t completely finish the job.

With that said, keep reading to get more information about applying wood stain sealer.

Do You Have to Seal Stained Wood?

Wood is dried-out and dull if you do not apply some sort of sealer. Staining and finishing are two very different things.

By applying pigments, a stain is meant to darken or dye wood, but the wood is not preserved by staining.

It only brings out the grain pattern when you rub the stain into the wood and gives the wood a more bold look.

The Purpose of Using a Wood Stain Sealer

In most instances, a sealer is used on the stain or on unstained wood. To provide a polished look, it seals the pores of the wood. 

Not only that, but it also stops the stain from combining successive coats with finishing materials. 

The easiest approach is to apply it with along-grained brush. It applies fast and dries quickly.

There are two primary reasons for sealer:

1. An unfinished stain hurts the wood’s overall look. If you need a clear topcoat, it’s not going to look right.

2. A bigger problem is that the wood lacks protection and sustainability when it’s adversely affected by moisture and humidity.

You need to understand what will happen to the wood if you don’t seal it. Knowing this information can help you decide if you need a wood stain sealer or not.

Techniques for Using Ready Seal Wood Stain

stained tabletop photo

Below are some tips for applying wood stain sealer. Following these tricks will help you get amazing results:

  • Always use a clean brush with the sealer.
  • To ensure that all surfaces are uniformly coated, do the procedure evenly and at a quick speed.
  • Give the seal at least two hours to dry.
  • If you apply the finishing coat directly over the sanded wood, you will need more than one sealer coat.
  • Bear in mind, multiple coats of sealer may be required for very porous woods. One coat isn’t enough.
  • Apply thin finishing layers. It causes fewer complications, and imperfections are easier to see.
  • Always use a good brand with a good reputation for great results  
  • Do some practice on some scraps first if you’re doing it for the first time.

Now that you know to properly apply a wood sealer, it’s imperative to use a good brand. Follow the highlighted link to shop for Seal-Once wood sealers.

Made Your Wood Stains Look Amazing

To properly answer your question of “Do you have to seal stained wood?”, the answer is no. However, if you want to protect your wood and give it a polished finish, it’s smart to do so.

It’s worth taking the extra steps and applying a wood stain sealer.

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