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Rustic Coffee Table With Drawers

A coffee table in front of a couch is a pretty standard piece of furniture, but this one is a DIY project with the added benefit of storage drawers built right in making it practical as well as beautiful. Georgia from Morelikehome shares her plans and design for this rustic piece.

Rustic Coffee table

She provides an extensive supply list and reminds us that most home improvement stores will cut your plywood to size, saving a lot of time and effort. The diagrams for construction of the coffee table are in great detail and are easy to read and visualize. Georgia’s plans call for six drawers under the main shelf of the coffee table, but you could always opt for baskets instead of drawers which would give the piece a totally different look.

Rustic Coffee table

Georgia used a dark espresso stain on her coffee table, but it would also look great with paint in a color that would complement your decor. Finally, the hardware you choose is the finishing touch to make this uniquely yours.

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