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Rustic Chair Spindle Tree

Do you save parts and pieces from old furniture hoping to find a creative use for them? If you have a collection of spindles from old chairs, you can make a holiday tree from them just as Karianne from thistlewoodfarms did.

Rustic Chair Spindle Tree

Once you’ve assembled all the spindles and laid them out, trace a triangle on them and cut them out to fit within the drawn triangle. The next step is to find a board or a piece of barn wood and lay the cut pieces on the wood to re-create the triangle. Using hot glue, turn each spindle slightly and apply some glue, and then press the spindle onto the board.

Rustic Chair Spindle Tree Once all the pieces have been glued to the board base, you can glue a metal star to the top of the tree. Finally, hooks are screwed into the back of the board so the tree can be hung.

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