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Remaking A Secretary

Do you have mismatched hand-me-down furniture in your house? If you are yearning for a pulled together decorator look for all the pieces that you’ve accumulated, consider painting your furniture. Jenni at Rootsandwingsfurniture shows us how to achieve that fresh style at a reasonable cost.

secretary desk before

Painting furniture can be a scary proposition for most of us. Painting your furniture doesn’t have to mean ruining a perfectly good piece by the dreaded bleed-through. Jenni explains exactly how to apply both the paint you choose as well as a stain blocker to get a smooth perfectly consistent color for your piece. Painting the inside of a piece such as this secretary is just as important as painting the outside since it will be exposed for all to see.


Distressing your furniture can also be scary, and Jenni provides a video explaining exactly how to get the look you want. Finally, Jenni gives us tips on selecting the “jewelry” or hardware to give the piece the perfect finishing touch.

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