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Raffia Pom Pom Basket DIY

Soon after started their blog, Honestly WTF, Erica and Lauren discovered what they call “the ultimate DIY tool.”

What is it you ask?

A pom pom maker!

However, after years of making pom poms with it, Erica realized she had never experimented with materials other than yarn. But not for long! Erica was inspired to recreate a handmade basket from Anthropologie using her pom pom maker and raffia.

She shares all the tips and tricks she learned along the way for making the perfect poms with paper raffia and then this darling basket!

DIY Home Decor | Anthropologie Knock Off Pom Pom Basket ~ Learn how to make the perfect pom from raffia with this tutorial. They're adorable on a basket, wreath, garland...!

Erica was inspired by Anthropologie’s Dusky Pom Basket.

Go to Honestly WTF for the complete pom-pom making tutorial.

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