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At Once Decorative and Practical Outdoor Curtains

Once you have your comfortable seating, pillows, and tables outdoors, it is time to think about adding curtains. Curtains have several benefits. They prevent sun damage to your outdoor cushions, help keep the rain off, and can keep you several degrees cooler in that area. One way to keep the costs low is to design your own. A sewing machine and a couple of supplies will help you make a set of custom curtains. Corey, from Hey There Home, shares with us her curtain project using painters drop cloth, a couple of large washers, and some paint.

Her directions show how to make a bottom hem and a pocket for the washer. You will want to add the washer for weight to help hold the panels straight. Another option would be to run a long chain across the bottom hem, which would help the whole curtain stay down. Corey shows how she masked off the areas to be painted and offers advice on taping both sides of the curtain when painting.

If you are looking for privacy with the added benefit of protecting your outdoor furniture this project is for you. It is simple, functional, and quite practical.

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