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Create An Easy And Elegant Pinecone Wreath

Are you looking for a door or wall decor that will span the seasons?

Brooke from Anastasiavintage shows us how to create a wreath from pine cones that can be as rustic or as elegant as we wish.

One of the most useful tips in this tutorial is her instructions on how to ensure there are no bugs lurking in the pine cones.

She gives us details on how to bake the pine cones on a cookie sheet lined with parchment to collect any sap that may linger in the pine cones.

Once the pine cones are baked, we only need a flat wreath form, hot glue, and ribbon to complete the project.

The photos in this tutorial clearly illustrate how to apply the pine cones so that none of the wreath form peeks out between the pine cones.

The final step to this inexpensive and lovely project is to add the ribbon.

This is a wreath that is for all seasons, and the ribbon can easily be changed out to reflect the changes in seasons.

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