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Papier-Mache Table

Jaime from Prudent Baby added a homemade papier-mache table to her new back patio last summer. She formed the table and chevron pattern with cardboard and then applied a papier- mache pulp and plaster. Since it was going to be outdoors, Jaime sealed the table to protect it as much as possible from the elements. You can even get your kiddos in on the action with this project. Jaime’s daughter loves telling everyone that she made the table. Too cute!

Paper mache table

Jaime was inspired by the retired Stray Dog Side Table from West Elm.

Stray Dog Side Table

You can find the detailed tutorial at Prudent Baby.

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Saturday 7th of January 2012

Wow! That's a dead ringer. You could have fooled me. Great job! What a fun table!


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