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Graphic Painted Basket for $10

Corey from Tiny Sidekick is no stranger to getting high end décor on a dime and has a slew of fabulous knock offs to prove it. She says, “One of the things I love most about knock offs is that you can take 2 things that strike your fancy and blend them together to make something that will work for you.” That’s exactly what Corey did with this West Elm knock off! She found a cheap basket from Michael’s with the shape she wanted and then painted it with the design she wanted – and all for $10! I love how it looks with a potted plant inside!

West Elm Knock Off Painted Basket

Corey was inspired by the Graphic Printed Warming Baskets and Bolga Baskets from West Elm.

Graphic Printed Warming Baskets from West Elm

Bolga Baskets

See exactly how Corey painted her basket in West Elm style at Tiny Sidekick.

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