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10 Master Bedroom Designs That’ll Inspire You to Redecorate

new master bedroom design ideas

A complete master bedroom remodel usually costs anywhere from $8,500 to as much as $30,000! The good news is you can still accomplish a lot at only $1,800.

So if you know you need a change in the new year, these master bedroom designs will help breathe new life and energy into your master bedroom.

1. Make Your Ceiling a Statement

The ceiling is often one of the most underutilized spaces in our homes, and there’s a lot you can do with it to make it more interesting.

For example, you can add an accent ceiling, which is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of painting one wall a bold color, paint your ceiling.

But that’s not the only option to get creative.

Consider adding a sparkling night sky, or soft cloud lighting.

You can also update your hanging light fixtures, or even add a ceiling fan.

A ceiling fan can be especially helpful if you have high ceilings or poor central heating or cooling.

A gentle breeze might be exactly what you need to help fall asleep more soundly.

But if you do decide to add a fan or update your light fixtures, make sure you measure your ceiling to ensure you have the right fan size.

2. Update Your Color

new master bedroom color

Repainting is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to make a space feel new and breathe back life into it.

If it’s been a while since your walls have seen some love, it’s time to repaint.

When choosing paint colors, pay attention to color theory and opt for a warm, soothing color in your space.

Pastels or earthy tones are usually safe, soft choices, but you could get away with a soft blue or purple too.

If there’s a color you love, give it a shot! It might be the exact touch of personalization your room needs.

3. Make It Cozy – Embrace Hygge

cozy bedroom ideas photo

When you’re looking for master bedroom decor ideas, consider the Danish Hygge.

It’s the intention of making a space feel warm, welcoming, and cozy, especially during the cold winter months.

So add a chunky knit blanket, warm sheets, and extra pillows. Give yourself some soft lighting to read, and a place to set down your nightly cup of tea.

Add a soft rug, and bring some warm earthy elements into your room, like a pine bough or a wreath.

This works best with a small or average sized master bedroom – but you can get creative with this approach if you have a larger space too.

4. Set the Mood

Bedrooms are designed for two things – sleep, and intimacy.

So when you update your bedroom, make sure you invite intimacy into your space too. Get an adjustable light dimmer or some warm bedside lighting.

It’s also smart to have a drawer near your bed to safely store any sort of intimacy accessories, so they’re within arms reach when the time calls.

If there’s anything special you and your partner would love, consider making intentional space for it in your bedroom too.

5. Focus on Good Sleep

cozy master bedroom idea photo

We’re asleep a third of our lives, so you might as well make it enjoyable. Upgrade your mattress, sheets, and pillows if they need it.

Set a designated space outside the bedroom where you can keep your technology.

If you need a white noise machine, a humidifier, an essential oils diffuser, or a natural light alarm, now is a great time to add those to your master bedroom.

6. Pay Attention to Lighting

Lighting is everything, especially in a master bedroom. You should have a variety of lighting options that are perfect for any situation.

Make sure your overhead light is good enough that you can see your reflection when you get dressed in the morning.

But by adding a dimmer switch, you can adjust the lighting to set the mood when it’s time to wind down or spice it up.

Also consider adding a bedside lamp so you can read and wind down before sleep, without needing to get up to shut off the lights.

Alternatively, you can get a clapper or a smart light to help you wake up.

If you struggle to get up in the morning, get a sunlight alarm to wake up more naturally, and more alert.

7. Cut the Clutter – Become a Minimalist

minimalist master bedroom makeover

When you redesign your master bedroom, pay attention to what you don’t want in that space as much as what you do want, and get rid of any clutter.

Avoid storing things in your master bedroom, and avoid bringing in signs of work or chores.

Your bedroom needs to be a place where you can relax and unwind, so get rid of anything that doesn’t contribute to that.

8. Add a Pop of Color

Maybe an accent ceiling or an accent wall is too much, but a bedroom in shades of beige and grey is boring.

You can remedy this by adding a pop of color with an easy to switch out piece of decor.

Go big with a vibrant chair or bold blanket. Add plants for a touch of green.

When you add pops of color instead of big sheets of it, it’s also easier to switch it out for something new when you start to get bored with your color scheme.

9. Update Dated Decor

updated master bedroom decor

So you furnished your bedroom with thrift store pieces when you moved in because you’re financially savvy.

Good on you!

But now it’s time to let your space work for you. Replace and upgrade any piece of furniture or decor that no longer serves your space.

10. Make It Practical

No matter how perfectly you design your master bedroom to look like a photo out of a magazine, it’ll never last unless you also make it practical.

So take note of where clutter piles up, and where you struggle to keep things tidy.

After you finish upgrading your master bedroom, take note of places where it still needs tweaks. Add remedies until you have a space that works, and is beautiful too.

Feel at Home With These Master Bedroom Designs

These master bedroom designs are perfect to give you inspiration and energy when you decide it’s time to upgrade your bedroom.

Whether you want to go for a more natural bohemian vibe or a sleek modern minimalist style, there’s a design that’s perfect for you.

If you want to save money on decor for your remodel without compromising your style, make sure you check out our decor options!

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