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Easy to Make Pallet Display

Have you been given a set of dishes from Grandma that are sitting in a tote box in the basement? If your home is rustic or modern farmhouse this pallet display from Rebekah Gail may help get them out of the basement.

She explains how she and her husband sanded down the pallet and removed some of the boards. That helped to remove some weight from the 60 lb. pallet. Rebekah shows detailed pictures of the diamond design she painted on with stencils. Although they were not happy with the dark color of the stencil paint, they sanded it down, which gave them the look they wanted. If you have other family heirlooms that need displaying this project would be very easy.

With a couple of simple tools and someone to help you hang it, the pallet would look great in your decor. Now is the time to get those plates or other heirlooms from their storage spots. You have a great place to display them.

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