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Laundry Room Storage and Folding Table

If you have a front loading washer and dryer, you probably love all the space you have on the top to do folding or to store laundry supplies. However, socks and washcloths often mysteriously go missing, only to be found months later hiding behind the washing machine. Mrs. Major Hoff had an idea for a solution- an oversized table that would go on top of her machines to take over those big spaces between the machines and the wall. The table took a little bit of precarious arranging to get it to fit into the space, and it isn’t terribly sturdy with how tall it is, but it works for the space.

This is what the laundry area looked like before:


And this is what Mrs. Major Hoff’s table looked like afterwards:


Head over to Major Hoff Takes a Wife to see how this table was constructed!

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