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Best of PB #9: Large Multipanel Mantel Mirror

Amanda from A Creative Beginning needed a big ol’ mirror to cover a hole above her mantel.

Her Pottery Barn inspiration multiple panel mirror fit the bill, but Amanda could not find a tutorial that actually recreated its exact size. What’s a girl to do but create her own?

I’d say her mirror forms a pretty amazing focal point for the room! In fact Wall Mirrors in general are an excellent way to transform an entire room in a dramatic way.

Multipanel Mirror

This kind of mirror dissected with many individual panels provides such a unique and cozy look, wouldn’t you say?

Like any DIY project, it can either look daunting or doable. I definitely put this one in the doable category after I had a good look at the tutorial.

Check it out, and you’ll see why!

Amanda was inspired by the Eagan Multipanel Large Mirror from Pottery Barn.

multiple panel mirror

You really could use any pattern you want, from traditional to contemporary. The mirror resembles any style of window you could imagine, really.

Head to A Creative Beginning to read Amanda’s great tutorial on this special mirror.

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Rosa's Picks

Tuesday 17th of May 2011

Beautiful! I'm going to A Creative Beginning to see how to do this!

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