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IKEA Hack Martini Side Table

I love having a little accent table in the living room. One that’s small enough to pull over to the recliner while I’m reading or to the couch during my favorite TV shows.

West Elm’s Martini Side Table is perfect for the job and also happens to be a bestseller thanks to its array of lovely finishes and architectural appeal. Kristi Murphy found a way to recreate it using a couple of items from IKEA.

Can you guess what they are? Y

ep, that’s a bowl and a planter!

Put them together and what have you got? A fabulous West Elm knock off side table!

DIY Home Decor | West Elm Knock Off Side Table ~ Grab a few items from IKEA to knock off West Elm's bestselling Martini Side Table!

Kristi was inspired by the Martini Side Table from West Elm.

Martini Side Table from West Elm

You can find the complete tutorial to knock off this popular West Elm side table at Kristi Murphy.

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