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Functional and Fun Baby Crib Porch Swing

When you think about it, baby cribs serve us for several short years, and then sadly end up in the corner of the basement waiting for one day to be useful again. Why wait for one day? Kelli and Kristi from Lolly Jane share with us how they repurposed a crib into a functional porch swing.

Inspired by other examples of cribs made into porch swings they got to work.  They explain how they sanded everything down in preparation for paint and then used a spray gun to paint the entire piece. Spray guns not only save time, they can give a uniform finish to the furniture and prevent unsightly brush strokes. They also added the metal plate from the crib as a pleasant reminder of bygone days.

With the addition of some cute pillows, the porch swing is ready for hours of relaxation with a loved one or good book. Hopefully, this has inspired you to repurpose a crib into a porch swing. It is simply quite charming.

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