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Free Jewelry Storage From a Tree Branch

So it is safe to say that most girls love jewelry. It is probably also safe to say that jewelry has a tendency to get lost or tangled when it sits in a pile on the dresser. Why not turn your jewelry into a work of art with a jewelry display branch, a la West Elm? The Manzanita Wall Jewelry Branch is such a beautiful idea, but $99 seems like a whole lot for something that could be picked up from your backyard. Therese from Fresh Idea Studio thought the same way, so she picked up a cute little branch and hit it with a few coats of silver spray paint. And what do you know- she has a beautiful jewelry essentially for free!

This is Therese’s branch jewelry hanger:


This is the West Elm $99 version:

Head over to Fresh Idea Studio to see Therese’s full DIY!

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