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Every Day Use Bench

Benches are must-have items. They help us tie a child’s shoe, hold groceries while we close the door, and give us a place to sit down while waiting. Stacy from Not Just a Housewife, designed this bench from seeing a church pew while out shopping.

She wanted to make it as a gift for her family and got to work. With step by step pictures, Stacy explains how everything went together. One of the best tips she shares is that she cuts the wood as she gets done each step. She explains that even with professional building plans there are often errors. Stacy saves time and money by measuring and cutting as she goes.

The bench has two coats of oil-based paint. You will want to allow for it to dry completely prior to sealing the bench. This bench would be a great project for a beginner as the cuts are simple and only require a couple of basic power tools. Perfect for most any use this bench will look great in any decor.

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